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 FIFA 10 - PC Gameplay by PC Producer Luke Didd

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تاريخ التسجيل : 07/08/2011
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مُساهمةموضوع: FIFA 10 - PC Gameplay by PC Producer Luke Didd   الأحد أغسطس 07, 2011 8:05 pm

PC Producer Luke Didd is now working on a blog and going into more details on gameplay, but for now he has created Part 2 of the Gameplay improvements made to FIFA 10 PC. Check them out here...

Hi All FIFA Gamers

I wanted to begin FIFA 10 PC discussions by sharing some of what we have been doing with FIFA this year.

Since the release of FIFA 09 I have been watching the forums very closely to try and work out what we can do to improve the Gameplay for FIFA 10. There were many requests made and lots of attention given to the fact that people wanted FIFA 10 PC to have the same Gameplay as Next Gen. Although we have listened to all requests we have decided that FIFA 10 PC is made specifically for the PC gamers, therefore we are now striving to deliver a Gameplay
engine that not only takes some key areas from the Next Gen game, but
also gives us some exciting innovations that will only be available to FIFA
10 PC gamers. Now, although there is probably some initial
disappointment to this, I ask that you read on and see some of the
things we have done to our PC engine. There will be many more Gameplay enhancements to be announced over the next few weeks and months

(*) New Collision System
The new collision system includes a new
collision avoidance system to ensure players have the intelligence of
where other are on the pitch.

This will result in less colliding with team
mates (should only happen when appropriate) and more realistic
collisions with opponents.

(*) More realistic Gameplay responsiveness
We looked at ways to make the responsiveness of the game more realistic than before. This will see you noticing:
- Faster transition between control command to action, removing frustrations with waiting for things to happen.
- Fluid movement with more better animations.
- Improved player switching
- Auto-Evade slide tackle system to allow players to continue dazzling runs when slide tackle come flying in.

(*) Heading and crossing
Heading and crossing is more realistic than ever before, with the following:
- Aerial Battles, battle with your opponent and win those all important headers.
- New Heading power physics see you scoring those bullet headers, making those runs down the wings all important

(*) Referees:
Referee realism is also a feature of FIFA 10, with more intelligence and realistic decision making. We have also improved the animations too.

The start of FIFA 10 PC is here and the above list is a taster of things to come, so stay tuned for more information on FIFA 10.

(*) New GK Behavior
Many requests have been made on the forums for better GK،¯s in FIFA 10. We are pleased to confirm the following changes:
-The ،°New،± GK Distribution system see،¯s
the goalkeeper now behaving more realistic than ever before. He will now
pass the ball with a much higher level of intelligence choosing to roll
the ball to his teammate, Throw or kick the the ball quickly to start a
Counter-Attack, and take free-kicks from inside his half to allow his
team to push forward up the pitch.

-،°New،± GK saving system will see
goalkeepers palm the ball in a much more realistic manner. This will see
more goals/corners and heart stopping moments coming when saves are
made. Better GK،¯s will palm the ball to safer positions.

-The positioning of goalkeepers is now more intelligent with GK's looking to close angles down more appropriately.
-1 on 1 situations are now much more realistic as the keeper will be faster of the line to close down attacks.
-Goalkeepers will sweep behind the defense and come out to collect balls which drop over the defenders heads.

(*) Team Mate Support Logic
The team mate support logic now has the intelligence to ensure you are never short of passing options.
Making a runs down the wing will now see players bursting forward into the box to get on the end of your sweeping crosses!

(*) New Exponential Shot System
The new exponential shot system, FIFA 10 is even harder to master.
Taking quick low powered shots will be much
easier to control, however, the more you hold the button the harder it
is to get the accuracy required to unleash those shots into the top

(*) Set-plays
We have made many updates to the set-plays in FIFA 10, here are some highlights:
-Quick Throw-in system to allow you to catch opponents off guard with a quick throw back into play
-Quick Free-kicks allow you to get on with play.
-Quick Corners allow you to get to whip corners into the box whilst the opposition is organising its defense.
-More appropriate players forward at corners, seeing the big boys come up from the back.

(*) Game Settings:
A few additions to the Gameplay settings provide a more realistic challenge:
-New Default Tele Cam.
-New Authentic Game Speed
-Legendary difficulty now available from the off, giving you the ultimate challenge
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FIFA 10 - PC Gameplay by PC Producer Luke Didd
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